Monday, November 14, 2016


Vedic Mathematics is the term given to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics which was revived from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960). Per his study all of mathematics is based on sixteen Sutras, or word-formulae.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Vedic system is its consistency. Instead of a hotchpotch of unconnected techniques the whole system is stunningly unified and amalgamated: the general multiplication technique, for example, is easily overturned to allow one-line divisions and the simple squaring method can be reversed to give one-line square roots. And these are all effortlessly understood. This amalgamating quality is very sufficient, it makes mathematics laid-back and enjoyable and inspires innovation.

Vedic Maths Bangalore 

In the Vedic system 'difficult' mathematical problems or huge sums can every so often be solved instantly by the Vedic method. These outstanding and beautiful approaches are just a part of a wide-ranging system of mathematics which is far more methodical than the modern 'system'. Vedic Mathematics establishes the intelligible and unified edifice of mathematics and the approaches are balancing, direct and easy.

The straightforwardness of Vedic Mathematics suggests that calculations can be carried out mentally (however, the approaches can also be written down). There are many recompenses in using a elastic, mental system. Followers can discover their own methods; they are not restricted to the one 'correct' method. This leads to more imaginative, absorbed and intelligent pupils.

Awareness about the Vedic system is rising in education where mathematics teachers are watching for something better and discovering the Vedic system is the answer. Investigation is being carried out in many expanses together with the effects of learning Vedic Maths on children; emerging new, powerful but relaxed applications of the Vedic Sutras in geometry, calculus, computing etc.
At NICT, we offer Vedic Maths certificate program that consists of all level training. We focus on teaching the accurate meaning, contextual meaning, procedure, different approaches of application along with examples for the Sutras. Clarification, methods, further short-cuts, algebraic proof, etc follow. What follows narrates to a single formula or a group of formulae connected to the methods of Vedic Mathematics.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

- Government Engineering College - Tanjore

Government Engineering College - Tanjore

CSE GCE Tanjore - is organizing Symposium in Tanjore , this is one of the biggest event in history of Tanjore no one has ever organised this kind Symposium in Tanjore.

You can ck the site here