Friday, August 17, 2012

Demand for Fresh Recruits in SAP-ISU

The popularity of SAP in diverse fields is unquestionable. This can be attributed to SAP-ISU or the Industry Specific Solutions that it provides for the Utilities industry.  It is alternatively known as the SAP IS-U/CCS or the Customer Care System. These solutions can be used for varied processes and functions. These include:

The calculation of prices and quotations
Checking and processing of incoming bills for the sake of grid usage
Management of the load profiles, distributors and points of delivery
Providing and exchanging data for settlement coordinators and distributors
Management of distributor outline contracts and energy supply contracts

Registration of schedules in a timely manner

Creating the technical framework necessary for energy supply
SAP offers companies that compete in the deregulated energy market, a standard and comprehensive billing and customer information system. This is known as the SAP Utilities/Customer Care System. SAP has drastically improved the overall system of energy data management.
The shift towards deregulation is responsible for the constant change in the energy markets. This implies that the companies should be able to constantly change and adapt to the workflows. Those employed in sap is-u jobs therefore not only need to bring in their knowledge and experience but also upgrade on their skills continuously.

It is expected that the energy sector will lead to the creation of 2600 new jobs in the next couple of years. The new recruits, a large section of which will definitely comprise of engineers, are expected to usher in the change. It is a total revolution that will also have an impact on other sectors which are taking the alternative energy course. The automobile sector is a case in point and the growth of the sector is evident from the availability of e-mobility jobs.

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